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We all deserve a break from the routine; we all deserve a holiday. Unfortunately, planning the perfect holiday is a chore even with all the information available online.


Are you one of those who must travel but does not want to waste time planning it? Fret not, Happy Monk is here.


At Happy Monk Holidays, we ensure that you travel without the tedious chore of planning your sojourn. We work on all the nitty-gritty of mapping the route, getting you the best deals on hotels and activities, etc so that you return home with camera full of photos and memories that turn you into a storyteller.


Why Happy Monk™?

Calm, virtuous, knowledgeable, at peace and happy – these are some of the attributes of a monk. With our knowledge and high standards of planning, at Happy Monk, we ensure that your upcoming holiday parallels the calmness of a monk and you only return happy. The inner peace angle is something that we are unable to satisfy because our uber-satisfied clients have only craved for another holiday! Not that we are complaining.


Unlike most agents, we like to plan a holiday as much as we like to explore a new land. So, like a Monk we do not stick to the worldly (dis)comforts of set itineraries or packages; your holiday with Happy Monk Holidays is customized to your needs, your pace, your interests and your budget. What’s more, we don’t leave you after selling the package and getting your money. We ensure that your holiday is smooth with our online support till the time you return home. Now that is something no tour operator will ever do!


Sorry, we are not just another travel agent looking to make a quick buck by showing you places that you least care about but must visit since you already paid a bomb for it in your package. Most of our itineraries are made using our own experiences and we understand what works for some may not work for others. So, we carefully assess your likes and dislikes and then set an itinerary for your travel keeping in mind your requirements. So, be it your all important annual family vacation or your parents holy tirth yatra or an escapade with your buddies, we have it all covered. At Happy Monk Holidays, we look forward to getting you the maximum bang for your buck.


​Your next holiday is just a click away. Tell us what you want on our Plan A Trip or e-mail us or simply call us/WhatsApp on +91-9820873027 and we will provide you with your customised holiday.


Rest assured you will have a trip to remember, a story to tell, an adventure to live and an experience to share. So dream, discover and travel.