Get to Know Us
A passion for travel and a dislike for uncomfortable bundled tours bought us together from vastly different walks of life. We want to explore cultures, uncover new worlds, turn possibilities into realities day in and day out.
With years of experience from  personal travels, we’ve definitely got the mojo to overcome any inertia and deliver you to the scene of the action – anywhere you want to be.  
A travel bug who should have traveled the world instead of wasting her time in an engineering and MBA classroom. Daughter of an ace mountaineer, she was born with a travel gene, Priyadarshini, spent most of her early holidays in the lap of Himalayan ranges hiking and learning adventure sports. 
A certified mountaineer from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi, Priyadarshini was the first recipient of National Child Award for exceptional achievements in mountaineering and adventure sports by the HR ministry of India in 1996, followed by various accolades at state and national level.
Her travels took her to various countries in Asia, UK, South Africa, Italy and France. She hates the book based travel itineraries and loves to explore the hidden.
Armed with a post-graduate degree from the University of Mumbai, flair with the pen and a lust to travel to the remotest corners of the world, Rishi is our in-house route specialist who does not believe in sitting in the hotel room. Life for him is in the natural environs. A firm believer of travelling frugal but travelling extensively, he tries to pack in the maximum in a day so that one does not miss a single sight.
Having traveled to parts of South East Asia, Italy and having covered New Zealand extensively, he still remains an Indophile at heart.