Holiday Ideas
Confused what you must do on your next holiday? Sweat not. Just pick a category that suits your mood and get in touch with us. 
Shoot your heart rate to 200 without hitting the gym. Stare death in its eyes and return to tell stories of your bravado. Satisfy the inner beast in you with dare devilish adventure activities like bungee jumping, sky diving, white water rafting, zip lining, etc or experience a whole new world with SCUBA. Caveat: Not for the faint hearted, this type of holiday will change the way you holiday.
Art Fest
Nurture your inner Picasso and Michelangelo. This holiday is for those who wish to satisfy their craving for something wise; a holiday for the brainiacs. A tad boring but then not everyone wants to jump from 200ft attached to a rubber cord.
Back Packing
Who says holidays cost a lot? Cut the excess baggage from your life, pack ur backpack and get on the road. Designed for those who have strict budgetary constraints but a craving to explore, we ask you to cut the excess baggage in your life and hit the road with a back pack. Stay frugal, share a couch, hail a ride and see the world in a different light.
Beach Hopping
It’s time to flaunt that chiseled body you worked your arse off to carve. Collect some sea shells, snorkel to get a glimpse of what lies beneath or live it up at the moonlit beach parties. Bring out the hat and bathing suit and get ready to get tanned. 
Fed up of the good guy image? Want to live it up for once? While we don’t encourage debauchery in its literal sense, this one’s for people who are longing for that unrestricted holiday with the gang. Be it an all girls or all boys plan, we have it all covered. Party, gamble, booze, etc let all the vices make this a truly sinful (and memorable) holiday. 
History Buff
Explore the past; explore what your forefathers left for you. Nothing tells a story better than the monuments. It’s time to relive the historical events that haunted most of us in history class at school.
The trip that decides your future. Screw this one up and that’s probably the last time you screw anything. Planned to perfection, we at Happy Monk, ensure that this memory lingers till the end. Great pains are taken to make it an awesome experience because the only thing worse than a miffed customer is a miffed customer’s wife.
Jai Hind. Can’t get enough of this beautiful country? Well, we can’t! Truly the land of endless discoveries, India offers a parallel to any foreign locale. Be it the unexplored mountains  or virgin beaches or monuments that relive the stories of our glorious past.
Worked your butt off all this while? Now live it up in style. Indulge in the pleasures that only money can buy – luxury villas, luxury cars, spa treatments and fine dine. Show off the muscle in your wallet while others work on their abs.
Oh My God
Longing to wash away your sins but don’t know where to start? Wish to seek the lord’s blessings at Mansarovar, Vaishno Devi, Harmandir Sahib or Palitana? Happy Monk Holidays caters to all religions and ensures that all your planning woes are ours and you only carry a clean mind to your place of worship. 
Sound Trippin
It’s time to junk the iPod and think bigger. How about we put you in the biggest parties of the year? Be it the EDM concert on the beach or in Europe, or the soulful classical music extravaganza playing at the local auditorium, we cater to all genres of music (as long as there is a concert happening!)
Weekend Getaway
Take out the calendar and scan for the long weekends. Explore lands close to home for a quick getaway; the ultimate stress buster. Sorry, we do not guarantee that you will want to go back to work again.
Your chance to experience nature at its best. A chance to see animals roam freely in their natural habitat and not caged inhumanly at the zoo. The brave can walk in the pitched darkness of the jungles while others can enjoy the beauty from the confines of their vehicles. A must do.