Happy Monk Holidays LLP is a travel resource planner and provides a consolidated service package sourced from various independent vendors of travel services such as airlines, hotels, railways, etc. Happy Monk Holidays LLP is a thus an agent that does not operate, control, or replace the services of the independent travel vendors.  Hence, the customer agrees that Happy Monk Holidays LLP acts solely as an agent in order to procure transportation, accommodations, sightseeing and other activities, or services for the  benefit of its clients on the express condition that Happy Monk Holidays LLP shall not be responsible for any accident, delay, defect, injury, loss, omission or irregularity which may occur or be occasioned, whether by reason of any act, negligence or default of any company or person engaged in or responsible for carrying out any of the arrangements, or otherwise in connection therewith. While Happy Monk Holidays LLP ensures to provide unparalleled services, clients must understand and accept that there are forces that lie beyond our control and power.